When it felt like music was at an end for Indie Folk guitarist and songwriter Noah Solt, it was in fact, music’s beginning. “Not long ago, I recognized the link between music and my path to becoming a sailor,” says Solt. “Only recently have I realized the ocean’s influence on my journey as a musician.”

In 2020, Solt’s time at Berklee College of Music came to an abrupt end. As for many, the approaching Coronavirus Pandemic called for him to take time away from his studies. In his case, this meant forfeiting a scholarship and dropping out of college indefinitely. “I felt as if my chance at being a musician was over,” Solt shares, “like the ground was being torn from beneath my feet.” It was impossible for anyone to know then, but Noah Solt was soon to physically leave the ground behind as he began his path to becoming a professional sailor.

Noah Solt grew up landlocked in the shadow of the Colorado Rocky Mountains; an environment that encouraged exploration of the wonders and mystery in the natural world. At the age of 14, he remembers picking up a guitar for the first time: “It was a wild era for me,” he reminisces. “I was a kid with an insatiable curiosity and boundless energy that was often overwhelming to others.” Guitar entered Solt’s life gently, providing an outlet for his energy, and a safe way for him to connect with the world. He spent the following years teaching himself how to play from youtube tutorials and falling in love with music. “Since dropping out of college,” he admits, “guitar has continued to be my grounding force. While I have become more accustomed to facing life’s unknowns, nothing can prepare a person for the vastness of an ocean thousands of miles from shore. Playing guitar has been my constant in a world of transitions.” At 22 years-old, Solt has tracked a remarkable 26 thousand miles across open oceans. These miles have brought with them countless adventures and lessons which have changed his life, and music, forever. 

To be released in August 2023, Noah Solt’s debut EP titled ‘Big Water’ is a courageous first expression of his experience. “I felt deeply motivated to create a love letter to the great unknown,” says Solt, “To empower anyone who is brave enough to set out toward unseen shores, and find connection in vast spaces between.” His music, an unconventional style best described as globally resonant Indie Folk, represents moments in his past that he has yet connected through the ‘Big Water’ of his life. It conveys his personal style, which is optimistic, self-reflective, and infused with his natural wonder and curiosity. Noah Solt is a young artist with many places yet to go. Where his journey will take him remains to be seen, but it’s bound to be a great adventure.